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Welcome to the Michigan Interdisciplinary Center for Urology Research 
& Education (MI-CURE)

We are developing a world-class research team comprised of scientist, clinicians, biostatisticians, & engineers, to provide comprehensive and innovative approaches in benign urology. 

This center for urology research is a collaboration between Beaumont Hospital, Oakland University- William Beaumont School of Medicine, & Michigan State University.

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Our Research

Despite decades of research, the mechanism by which bladder fullness is sensed is still unknown. this is a major barrier to developing novel therapies and treatments for badder dysfunction.


The goal of our research is to understand the basis of pressure sensing and its linkage to afferent nerve activation during bladder filling, as well as how bladder remodeling and altered bladder wall compliance during disease can impact these mechanisms. 

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Our team is an interdisciplinary group of scientists, engineers, biostatisticians, and clinicians. 

MI-CURE is co-directed by the scientist-physician team of Dr. Bernadette Zwaans and Dr. Michael Chancellor.


Dr. Sara Roccabianca has unique expertise in soft tissue mechanical characterization, microstructural quantification, and mathematical modeling of soft tissues movement.

Dr. Nathan Tykocki focuses on bladder phsyiology, with emhpasis on bladder afferent nerves and vasculature as major regulators of bladder function.  

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In addition to the strong benign urology research program using innovative and cutting-edge approaches, MI-CURE has an exciting Educational Enrichment Program to train and mentor all levels of adult learners, from high school students to medical students, to help expand and enhance benign urology research.

Publications Coming Soon!

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